The 2017 Arsies: January 26, 2017

January 26, 2017 arse


You know, I almost just typed "I DO WHAT I WANT!" and left it at that for today's commentary... but listening to Retrogore anew, I'm forced to give Aborted more respect than that. Subtle or not, they've once again concocted a potent witches' brew. It's expert-level mayhem, fast-paced and merciless. Catchy? Not really. Innovative? Hardly. Effective? You betcha.
It's a damned shame, therefore, that they had to go up against Meshuggah, whose The Violent Sleep Of Reason is not precisely as ferocious, but far more devious in its subversions. Tomas Haake and Fredrik Thordendal stand out here on drums and leads respectively, but the whole band is in top form with this slab of deathjazz that reinvents their own older forms into something fresh and stunning. Their cunning craft handily takes the day, and moves Meshuggah into the Quarterfinals!
Let's close out the week with Norma Jean versus Gorguts. Such anger.

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