The 2017 Arsies: January 17, 2017

January 17, 2017 arse


I'll have you know, I spent a lot of time practicing how to naturally pronounce and spell "Kvelertak." Why? Because Nattesferd is good. Damned good. Those crazy Norwegians seem to have hit upon the perfect blend of hooky, nostalgically hip-shakin' black metal, like a fusion between Wolfmother and Agalloch. Also, amazingly, this is the second album in this year's Arsies to contain a song titled 1985 for some reason. Long story short: this album is just undeniably fun.
What it isn't, however, is very overtly metal... a weakness that glares as soon as Vektor's Terminal Redux gets started. This is some high-energy, progressive thrash that pulls out all the stops, somewhere between Revocation and older Voivod. It feels fresh and exciting and fascinating, even with its indulgences and excesses (73 minutes!). And with each arpeggiated guitar lick or busy drum fill, the Kvelertak gets left further and further in the dust.
Tomorrow, Obscura and Protest The Hero vie for our affections.

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